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Invite your social network and earn unlimited commissions - first time depositing referrals will bring you commissions starting from 30%. Repeat investor deposits will earn you royalties of 10% and up.
Partner level Initial Rate* Follow Rate*
LVL 1 30% 10%
LVL 2 32% 10.5%
LVL 3 34% 11%
LVL 4 36% 11.5%
LVL 5 38% 12%
LVL 6 40% 12.5%
LVL 7 50% 15%
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Promotional Materials
Already prepared and ready for use - presentations, documentations, tutorials, ad materials, and more.
Dedicated Affiliate Agent
You will always be top priority - our affiliate managers will be available to solve any issues 24/7/365.
Various Bonuses
In addition to commissions, enjoy prime access to new Metopia features, ad spaces and more.
Link tracking
Metopia cookie based affiliate link tracker allows affiliate to be credited within 30 days from the first click.
*Metopia account necessary to join.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Metopia?faq-icon
Metopia is a real estate management start-up that provides investment, development, advertising, and hosting possibilities in Web3 operational environment, metaverse platforms and assets, real estate services, other Web3-related enterprises, and associated operations and services businesses that provide great risk-adjusted total returns.
When did Metopia Launch?faq-icon
Metopia has officially launched on August 1st 2022
How does Metopia make profit?faq-icon
Metopia carries out an continous and sustainable investment return through an autonomous easy-to-use system with improved connectivity, transactional efficiency and exceptional security. For more additional information on Metopia Economics, we invite you to read Metopia Whitepaper.
Is Metopia.App secure?faq-icon
Security and User Data protection is our top priority. Our servers are stored and maintained following powerful and modern cybernetic standards.
How to start using Metopia.App?faq-icon
For detailed information on How to start using, please visit Metopia Knowledge Hub and navigate through Menu Bar for the instructions. If any additional assistance is required, please contact Live Support.
How to Register an Account at Metopia?faq-icon
You can register your Metopia Account by clicking on "Enter App" and selecting "Sign Up".
When will $MTPT token launch?faq-icon
$MTPT exact official launch date is yet to be announced. For more information on Metopia Token, please visit this page.